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Software Application Designs

Software Application DesignsKennedy Data Systems is the developer of:

  • TurboPAS 2.0
  • Visitel

TurboPAS 2.0 Software
For Personal Assistance Services With Electronic Billing

  • Tired of Paperwork? Why waste time filling forms?
  • Why spend days putting together time sheets and pay period data when TurboPAS can do it in seconds?
  • Why miss due dates when TurboPAS can remind you?
  • Will you know where everything is when a key employee leaves the company?

There is peace in organization!

Home Health Provider Services (PAS) Software gives you reason to smile.

  • Save Time & Resources
  • Stay Organized

TurboPAS Home Health Care System from Kennedy Data Systems is designed to power your Provider Services business to a place of efficiency, accuracy and profitability. TurboPAS is designed exclusively for Texas agencies licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services for Personal Assistance Services.

Track Records:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Doctors
  • Caseworkers


  • Forms/Reports
  • Time Sheets
  • Calendar/Schedules
  • Pay Period Figures


  • Audit timesheets for accuracy
  • Submit batch claims to TMHP, HMOs

Yes, you can submit hundreds of claims with one click of a button!

Home Health Staffing Software (Designed for companies which provide Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, etc on behalf of home health agencies)


  • Patient Data
  • Employee Data
  • Home health agency information
  • Doctor information
  • Payments

Schedule, track and audit visits. Generate invoice at the click of a button.